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Dry Mix Mortar

About Readymix

Dry Mix Mortar

It’s the revelation of construction. Dry Mix Mortar is a pre-mixed concrete mixture with the industrial standards to use whenever and wherever needed. It’s simple. Just unpack and use.

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We supply dry mix mortar as packs and bulk quantities as required. It’s a pre-mixed concrete product which can be used in any construction. There are verity of mixtures for various purposes of construction where various factors are considered. Dry Mix Mota Suppliers Sri Lanka

It’s an easy way of using materials except transporting the raw materials separately and use them in the location. The biggest advantage is you can use only the required amount and return or keep the rest for another project.

Dry Mix Mortar comes as packs of various quantities and can be purchased any amount as bulks. Dry Mix Mota Suppliers Sri Lanka

Why Choose Dry Mix Mortar

It's the easiest way for all kinds of constructions with the minimum amount of waste and effort.

  • Cost effective
  • Easy Handling
  • Easy to transport
  • No wastage
  • No barriers in transporting
  • Easy to use

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